About PRIM&R Conferences

PRIM&R’s conferences are the cornerstone of our commitment to advancing the ethical conduct of research. These events bring together stakeholders in the fields of human subject protections and animal care, as well as institutional leadership, and use to consider complex, challenging, and current issues in the conduct and oversight of research.

Our conferences feature programming for those new to their field, as well as seasoned professionals. Attendees from around the globe come together for lively discussions on everything from best practices in research oversight to key ethical concepts. Participants leave energized and better equipped to help their research programs become stronger and more effective.

PRIM&R's conferences provide:

  • Content in a variety of formats from high level discussions to in-depth breakouts to interactive networking sessions.

  • Networking with a vibrant professional community.

  • Access to federal regulators, industry professionals, and experts in the field.

  • Select video recordings and materials from sessions.

Past Conferences


PRIM&R maintains an archive of conference recordings and materials from past annual conferences going back five years. Recordings are available for purchase and free to members after one year from the conference. 

Conference Certificates of Attendance

Those seeking certificates of attendance from past conferences should log into the Knowledge Center,
search for the conference certificate of attendance, follow the instructions for completion, and then
upload the certificate to their PRIM&R profile. PRIM&R keeps certificates of attendance for annual
conferences going back five years. If you require a certificate older than five years, contact us.