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Explore the many resources available to PRIM&R members.

Virtual Roundtables

PRIM&R Virtual Roundtables offer a small group of members the opportunity to virtually convene and discuss common challenges, obstacles, and solutions related to a specific topic. Select conversations are recorded and made available to all PRIM&R members as an added benefit.

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PRIM&R members receive valuable discounts on PRIM&R educational offerings, professional development resources, events hosted by partner organizations, scholarly journals, and more. The savings gained through membership cover annual dues and then go further.

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Knowledge Center

The Knowledge Center is a hub of educational content and resources for members. Our newly expanded Knowledge Center includes our exclusive and complimentary member resources as well as our other educational content, allowing members to track their learning, access materials, and explore what PRIM&R has to offer all in one place.

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Conference Recordings

PRIM&R members receive complimentary access to recordings and materials from conferences that occurred more than one year ago, even if they did not attend. Watch video recordings of keynote speeches and breakout sessions, and review conference materials at your own pace.

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Research Ethics Digest

Research Ethics Digest includes timely and relevant abstracts and articles from scholarly journals, delivered to PRIM&R members every two months via email. Members can gain CE credit by passing the quizzes included with the Research Ethics Digest Self-Study Program.

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Regional Connections

The Regional Connections program provides small grants and a how-to kit to PRIM&R members who would like to host a networking or educational event in their region. Apply to the program for assistance with building relationships with other research ethics professionals in your area.

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Mentoring Program

PRIM&R's Mentoring Program matches individuals in the early stages of their careers or those facing work-related challenges with experienced professionals who provide ongoing or occasional guidance on a volunteer basis. 

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IACUC Channel

The IACUC Channel is a PRIM&R membership community open to all members involved in animal care and use programs and institutional animal care and use committees (IACUCs). The IACUC Channel provides an opportunity to connect with peers and discuss the unique aspects and challenges of research involving animals.

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Resource Library

The Resource Library promotes community by providing a space for PRIM&R members to share their most frequently used workplace tools. The Resource Library is open to all PRIM&R members.

The Resource Library is part of the PRIM&R Online Community where members can access SOPs, templates, guidance documents, and more, shared by the PRIM&R membership community as well as contribute their own workplace tools and connect with others.

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Certificate Program

PRIM&R members receive complimentary enrollment in the certificate program, which offers two certificates: the Certificate in the Ethical Foundations of Animal Care and Use and the Certificate in the Foundations of Human Subjects Protections. Earning a certificate allows a professional to gain a basic understanding of the field and demonstrate commitment to research ethics.

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2022 Workload and Salary Survey Reports now available!

If you are curious about how your salary, responsibilities, and professional experiences stack up against
others in similar positions, review the results of the 2022 Workload and Salary Surveys.

PRIM&R members and nonmembers who participated in one or both surveys can access the reports for
free in the Knowledge Center. Nonmembers who did not complete either survey can purchase the

View 2022 Workload and Salary Survey Reports

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Volunteer Opportunities

Members have exclusive ways to volunteer with PRIM&R, which enable them to connect with others in the research ethics community. One members-only volunteer opportunity is the Blog Squad, through which members receive complimentary access to PRIM&R programs in exchange for writing blog posts about their experiences.

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Member Newsletter

Distributed 11 times a year by email, the PRIM&R Member Newsletter serves as an information hub for members. It offers an easy and dependable way of keeping current on important events and ideas in the research ethics world.

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SBER Network

The SBER Network is a PRIM&R membership community open to all members working in social, behavioral, and educational research (SBER). The SBER Network provides an opportunity to connect with peers and discuss the unique aspects and challenges of SBER work.

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