Workload and Salary Survey

2022 Workload and Salary Survey Reports

As a professional involved in the world of research ethics, you work hard to understand and keep up with
complex regulations, manage your day-to-day responsibilities, and keep your career on track. All of these
moving parts can make it challenging to know where you stand and how the work you do compares to
that of other research ethics professionals around the country.

If you are curious about how your salary, responsibilities, and professional experiences stack up against
others in similar positions, review the results of the 2022 Workload and Salary Surveys.

PRIM&R distributes two versions of this survey, one geared to professionals who work primarily with
IRBs, and one for those who work primarily with IACUCs. The results of these surveys provide important
insight into current trends and opportunities, which can help you to see where the field stands overall and
how the work you do fits within it.

PRIM&R members and nonmembers who participated in one or both surveys can access the reports for
free in the Knowledge Center. Nonmembers who did not complete either survey can purchase the

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