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CIP Exam Content and Structure

The Certified IRB Professional (CIP®) exam is offered on a continuous basis, both at in-person testing centers and online, through live remote proctoring. 

The CIP exam is developed by the CIP Council and it covers the body of knowledge about human subjects research review under the rules and regulations of the United States. Download the CIP Exam Handbook for guidance on the exam process. The CIP Body of Knowledge/Content Outline details the content covered in the CIP exam, as well as the CIP Exam Resources and References.  

The CIP examination consists of 130 objective, multiple-choice questions, and takes three hours to complete, and covers human subjects protection topics, IRB responsibilities, and institutional responsibilities. 

The CIP exam is regularly reviewed and updated to ensure it reflects current regulations and guidance. The CIP exam does not include questions about pending draft guidance, including the FDA NPRM on the Protection of Human Subjects and Institutional Review Boards. 

Watch Our Information Session! 

Learn about the application, exam process, and even a few study tips.  

This session features an interview with one of our CIP Council members to discuss career development through certification. 

CIP Exam Delivery

The CIP exam is offered on a continuous basis. CIP exam candidates have two exam delivery options: in-person testing centers, or live remote online proctoring. Exam candidates receive their scores within an hour of testing. 


Ready to Apply?

Ready to Apply?

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What Are the Application Fees?


Member Fee* Nonmember Fee
$350 $475

*PRIM&R Membership includes a variety of benefits, including discounts on PRIM&R programs and certification fees. Learn more on our membership benefits page.


CIP Reexamination

The CIP Exam may be taken as often as desired upon filing of a new application and fee. There is no limit to the number of times the examination may be repeated. Unsuccessful candidates must wait 90 days before reapplying. 

Certification Verification

PRIM&R requires a written release before sharing an individual’s certification information. Verification requests should be sent to certification@primr.org, and include a copy of the release.  

Exam FAQs

Once you submit your application, it is uploaded for eligibility review. We do our best to review completed applications within two weeks of receipt. Please be sure to upload both your work experience verification form and a CV/resume that details your eligible work experience in executing the core functions found within the eligibility guidelines.  

If something is missing, PRIM&R staff will connect with you for follow-up information. 

If you are found to be ineligible to sit for the exam, PRIM&R staff will let you know. All candidates have the opportunity to share additional information that might have been missing from your original application. 

If you are found to be eligible to sit for the exam, PRIM&R staff will send you an eligibility notice that details your 90-day eligibility period, exam scheduling instructions, and payment information.  Please be sure to retain this email for future reference.  

All candidates are assigned a 90-day eligibility period, which begins the date their application is approved. Candidates are responsible for scheduling their appointments within this time frame.  

We discourage candidates from scheduling their appointments in the final 48 hours of their eligibility window. This causes complications and delays if the candidate runs into an issue on their exam day. 

Candidates are able to request special accommodations once their applications are approved. If you are requesting testing accommodations, please complete this form, and make sure that the ticket category Test Accommodations Request is selected. You will then receive an email from PSI that contains a ticket number, which will be referenced throughout the review process. Please retain this email. PSI staff will contact you upon reviewing your request for any additional information, and to proceed with exam appointment booking. 

For additional information, you may reference this document. Please note that PSI approves all accommodations for PRIM&R’s exams. 

Payment and Receipt 

Your receipt will be available on your online PSI profile and by email.  

We offer two delivery options for our examination candidates: in-person testing centers and online proctoring. We encourage candidates to learn more about both options before scheduling their appointments. This online proctoring guide is full of helpful information. Here are some factors you might want to consider as you make your decision: 

Appointment Time 

Be sure to select an appointment time and location that gives you ample travel time, whether it be at a testing center or down the hall. The hours leading up to the exam can be stressful, so have confidence that you can get where you need to be at the right time. 

System Requirements 

Be sure to review the systems requirements and conduct a compatibility check with the computer you intend to use. VPNs must be disabled, and security/firewall settings might need to be reconfigured to ensure an uninterrupted connection to your exam. Double check that you have the user admin privileges needed to change these settings on your computer.  

To minimize the chance of disconnecting from your exam, we recommend using a hardline ethernet connection, and make sure other users are not streaming or gaming on your network.  


Some people work better in a familiar environment, and others prefer a setting outside of their home or office. Be sure to build in some buffer time in your calendar, so you are not rushing your exam.  

All candidates are required to bring two forms of identification with them to their exams. The name on the identification must exactly match the name the candidate used on their application.  

If you notice the name in your eligibility notice is different from that on your identification, please contact PRIM&R staff to update the certification records.   

Proctors are instructed to strictly interpret the identification verification instructions. Please do not make any assumptions that a moniker is an “obvious” derivative of another name.  

Primary identification  

A current government-issued identification that includes the candidate’s name, signature, and photograph. No forms of temporary identification are accepted. The most common documentation candidates use are: 

  • Driver’s license with photograph 

  • State identification card with photograph 

  • Passport 

A military identification card with photograph is acceptable for in-person appointments at testing centers; however, it is not accepted for remote online exams. Those taking their exams at testing centers will be required to sign a roster for verification of identity. 

Secondary Identification 

The secondary form of identification must display your name and signature for signature verification. The most common documentation candidates use are: 

  • Credit card with signature 
  • Social security card with signature 
  • Employment/student ID card with signature 

What if something happens during my exam? 

Any candidate who encounters an issue on exam day must notify PSI by sending an email to examschedule@psionline.com and certification@primr.org  or by calling 833-518-7455 and following up with PRIM&R by email. Candidates need to make their complaint within 48 hours of testing. You will be issued a case number, which you should retain for your records. 

Please be sure to answer your phone (the number may be unfamiliar) when you are expecting a callback.  

Once you are issued a case number, please do not call or email PSI for an update that same day. The quickest way to get a ticket update is to email PRIM&R with your ticket number.  

Please note that candidate services staff are trained to triage calls, and for security purposes, do not have access to all information. We encourage you to follow up on tickets with PRIM&R staff.  

Candidates receive their results by email within a hour of taking their exam, and will also be able to access this information on their online PSI profile. Score reports are only sent to the email address affiliated with an account. Results are ever released over the phone.   

Candidates who successfully pass their exams will be contacted by PRIM&R within two weeks of their exam date with a confirmation letter and certificate information. Digital certificates will be available beginning in April 2024.  

Candidates who are unsuccessful in passing the exam must wait 90 days before sending a new application.