Joan Rachlin Scholarship

Joan's Commitment to Research Ethics

Joan's Commitment to Research Ethics

Joan Rachlin, PRIM&R's executive director for 39 years, stepped down from her position in March 2014. In order to recognize her extraordinary service and to honor her significant contributions to the field of research ethics, PRIM&R's Board of Directors has established the Joan Rachlin Scholarship Fund to support those who would otherwise not have the financial ability to attend PRIM&R’s annual conferences.

The enormous impact PRIM&R has had on the field of research ethics is due in large part to Joan's dedication and tireless efforts to advance ethical research through education and professional certification. With Joan leading the way for the past four decades, PRIM&R has provided the programs, the mentoring, and the connections so essential to the intellectual growth and professional advancement of our community.

To increase the reach of PRIM&R's programs and the diversity of conference attendees, Joan championed the development of a portfolio of conference scholarships for young professionals from resource-scarce settings around the world, for human research protection program and animal care and use staff from US institutions serving minority populations, and for the community members of institutional review boards. Over the past dozen years, these programs have enriched the learning of all conference attendees and fostered collaborations with both domestic and foreign institutions. PRIM&R conference scholars serve as ambassadors for our programs and further our mission, leading, for example, to co-hosted educational events in places as diverse as South Africa, Singapore, Ghana, Malawi, Uganda, and Brazil.

Thank You

We hope you will consider donating to this special initiative to help ensure that a program that is so dear to Joan's heart can be continued. The Board also believes that this scholarship fund is a fitting means of ensuring that Joan's decades of service to PRIM&R and her contributions to the field of research ethics are memorialized forever.

Contributions can be made by via credit card or check. Checks should be made payable to PRIM&R (with "Joan Rachlin Scholarship Fund" in the memo field) and mailed to P.O. Box 845203, Boston, MA 02284-5203.

PRIM&R is exempt from federal income taxes under Section 501(C)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations to PRIM&R are tax-deductible under US tax regulations. PRIM&R's tax identification number is 04-2583057.

We appreciate your support of an important PRIM&R program and for your help in honoring Joan's legacy.