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PRIM&R Member Newsletter (PMN)

Distributed 11 times each year via email, the PMN serves as an information hub exclusively for PRIM&R members. This benefit offers a convenient and dependable way of keeping up to date on current developments in the fields of research ethics and oversight and the PRIM&R membership community. In each issue, you will find:  

In each issue, you will find: 

Original Pieces: 
  • PRIM&R Member interviews—hear from your peers on their journey into the field, current challenges and successes, and more! 
  • Commentary from subject-matter experts on emerging topics 
  • Guest articles from your peers in the field 
  • Recordings access to and summaries of popular program sessions, including PRIM&R conference sessions, various seminars, and public federal meetings.  
  • Articles recognizing historical changes, monumental achievements, and driving factors in the field
Updates and Information:   
  • News about recent public policy initiatives and open comment periods 
  • Highlights of new free-to-members program recordings and DEIJ resources 
  • Popular, recent discussions on the Online Community 
  • The latest Career Center job postings 
  • Calls for volunteer positions (e.g., planning committee members, advisory committees, etc.) 
  • Upcoming events—both those hosted by PRIM&R and other organizations 

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