PRIM&R Programs

Eligible for CPIA® Recertification Credit

CPIA Eligible PRIM&R Educational Programs

Below is a list of recent PRIM&R programs that have received advance recognition from the CPIA Council for use toward CPIA recertification by continuing edutcation. Event participants holding the CPIA credential who wish to apply eligible credit hours from the following programs toward CPIA recertification may submit a Certificate of Attendance as documentation of participation.


2020 IACUC Virtual Conference
April 14-16, 2021
Up to 31.25 credit hours

IACUC Fundamentals Introductory Workshop
April 14, 2021
2.75 credit hours

Inspired IACUC Leadership
April 16, 2021
2.75 credit hours


2020 IACUC Virtual Conference
June 16-17, 2020
Up to 25.5 credit hours


2019 IACUC Conference
April 1-3, 2019 – Bellevue, WA
7.5 credit hours

Eligible 2019 IACUC Preconference Programs

  • Beyond the Basics: Advanced Issues and Current Topics in IACUC Administration, 6.5 credit hours
  • Essentials of IACUC Administration: Achieving Success as an IACUC Administrator, 6.5 credit hours
  • IACUC Fundamentals, 6.5 credit hours
  • Decreasing Regulatory Burden: Is THAT Required?, 3.25 credit hours
  • Effective Communication Strategies for Animal Care and Use Programs, 3.25 credit hours


2018 IACUC Conference
March 19-21, 2018 – Columbus, OH
11.5 credit hours

Eligible 2018 IACUC Preconference Programs:

  • Essentials of IACUC Administration, 7.5 credit hours
  • IACUC Boot Camp, 3.25 credit hours
  • Decreasing Regulatory Burden: What’s Not to Like?, 3.25 credit hours
  • Beyond the Basics: Advanced Issues and Current Topics in IACUC Administration, 6.50 credit hours


2017 IACUC Conference
March 19-21, 2017 – New Orleans, LA
15.5 credit hours


2016 IACUC Conference
March 30-April 2, 2016 – Bellevue, WA
15.25 credit hours


2015 IACUC Conference
March 19-20, 2015 – Boston, MA
16.25 credit hours

Eligible 2015 IACUC Preconference Programs:

  • IACUC 101: The Basics, 6.5 credit hours
  • Essentials of IACUC Administration, 12.75 credit hours


2014 IACUC Conference
April 2-3, 2014 – Denver, CO
15.25 CE credit hours

Eligible 2014 IACUC Preconference Programs:

  • IACUC 101: The Basics, 6.5 credit hours
  • Essentials of IACUC Administration—Intensive, 8 CE credit hours


2013 IACUC Conference
March 18-19, 2013 – Baltimore, MD
16 CE credit hours

Eligible 2013 IACUC Preconference Programs:

  • Essentials of IACUC Administration, 13.25 credit hours
  • IACUC 101, 6.5 credit hours

The Research Ethics Digest Self-Study Program allows PRIM&R members to earn CE credit hours by reading selected articles and successfully completing an online quiz. Credits earned through the Research Ethics Digest Self-Study Program may be counted towards Category 13 (participation in a self-study program, such as PRIM&R's Research Ethics Digest animal care and use quiz) credits.


Decreasing Regulatory Burden II: Are WE the Problem?
May 2, 2018 – Lake Tahoe, NV
4.25 credit hours


IBC Boot Camp
September 18-19, 2017 – Denver, CO
7.75 credit hours


Essentials of IACUC Administration—Intensive
February 9, 2015 – San Diego, CA
8 CE credit hours

Essentials of IACUC Administration
September 10-11, 2014 – Columbus, OH
12.75 CE credit hours


Essentials of IACUC Administration
October 1-2, 2013 – New York, NY
11.25 CE credit hours


Essentials of IACUC Administration
November 29-30, 2012 – San Diego, CA
12.25 CE credit hours

Participation in these webinars can provide varying amounts of CE credit hours. PRIM&R members have complimentary access to recorded webinars that occurred one year ago or more through the Knowledge Center. To document your credit hours, please keep a log of the webinars you view and when you viewed them, and have it signed off by a supervisor.

About CPIA Recertification by Continuing Education

To recertify by continuing education (CE), CPIAs must complete 50 hours of eligible CE hours as described in the recertification guidelines.

  • At least 40 of the 50 hours of continuing education credit required for recertification must cover IACUC-administration related topics listed in the CPIA Body of Knowledge/Content Outline. Up to 10 hours can be on professional development topics not directly related to IACUC administration (examples include leadership/management training and general laboratory animal science topics).
  • Credit hours must be earned in at least two of the categories described below.
  • No more than 30 continuing education hours may be earned in a single category with the exception of the additional restrictions noted under categories 9 (exam items) and 12 (local or regional IACUC administration-related networking group meetings).
  • Credit hours must be earned within the current five-year certification period.
  • Continuing education activities scheduled after the application deadline (but before certification lapse date) may be counted toward recertification. Candidates are responsible for sharing attendance information upon completion of the program.