Evaluation of Electronic Database Solutions for IACUC Operations


Problem statement: As a large institution, we have been struggling with a paper process for IACUC functions. Our process has been cumbersome and we were having a hard time keeping track of documents and finding storage for paper protocols. We also realized that there are better solutions available that are more efficient and will ultimately decrease the burden on the investigators, the IACUC members, and the administrative support office to the IACUC.

Description of research: A thorough analysis of our current processes was performed along with a stakeholders map to see who our decisions would impact. An in depth review of requirements was formulated and we came up with three possible solutions: 1) a home grown system; 2) a consortium system with partner institutions; or 3) a vendor solution. We are still in the process of reviewing our solutions and deciding which one we will be proceeding with. We have reached out to several institutions and interviewed them about their experience with different systems and are evaluating the pros and cons of each solution. Lessons learned from our analysis can easily be extrapolated and applied to other institutions that may be conducting similar processes at this time. 

Additional information: After having several conversations, both internal and with other institutions, it is clear that there are great solutions out there and no perfect ones. It would be very interesting for all of us to hear from others about what might work.