A Conference for Social, Behavioral, Educational Research 

2023 PRIM&R Annual Conference

2023 Social, Behavioral, Educational Research Conference

Missed 2023 PRIM&R Annual Conference?

PRIMR23/SBER23 Conference recordings package will be available for purchase soon!

The recordings package includes 90-day access to all sessions streamed live and on-demand at PRIMR23—over 150 sessions!

PRIM&R members will gain complimentary access to all recordings after one year.

2023 SBER Conference(SBER23) will take place on December 3, 2023, in Washington, DC, and held in conjunction with the 2023 PRIM&R Annual Conference(PRIMR23) on December 4–6 in the same location.

Create a conference experience that best meets your needs as a social, behavioral, eductional research professional. Attend high-level plenary sessions discussing ethical issues across fields or attend a breakout session for an in-depth exploration of a single topic.

Maximize your time and professional development funds by attending an in-depth PRIMR23 Workshop.

For a focused experience, attend the sessions most related to your day-to-day research work. For an enhanced learning experience choose sessions featuring  content related to other areas of research oversight. 

Participate in field-specific networking opportunities for collaboration across research fields. Those attending in-person will have access to any content streamed live/captured for on-demand access. A virtual option will be available for those who cannot attend in person.

As the world evolves and modernizes, PRIM&R seeks to create a space to think holistically about the research enterprise. At PRIMR23 and SBER23, endeavor with us to achieve a shared vision of advancing ethical, responsible, and high-quality research. 

A Conference for Your Career

Strengthen your research program by attending 2023 PRIM&R Annual Conference and the 2023 Social, Behavioral, Educational, Research Conference(SBER23).   PRIMR23/SBER23 includes sessions to help you in your day-to-day work while thinking holistically about the research continuum. 

Learn strategies for navigating the unique questions and challenges associated with reviewing SBER, such as:

  • How does online data collection affect research today?
  • What are the regulatory and ethical principles governing the use of social media in SBER?
  • When does a behavioral study move from expedited review to full board review?

During these conferences you can:

  • Expand your knowledge of the ethical issues and regulations governing social, behavioral, educational research.
  • Learn best practices for managing, and reviewing research protocols. 
  • Gain insights for advancing equity and justice while promoting innovation in research.
  • Connect with peers, regulators, and other research stakeholders to exchange ideas and solutions.