A Conference for Lawyers in Biomedical and Scientific Research

2023 PRIM&R Annual Conference

2023 Social, Behavioral, Educational Research Conference

Missed 2023 PRIM&R Annual Conference?

PRIMR23/SBER23 Conference recordings package will be available for purchase soon!

The recordings package includes 90-day access to all sessions streamed live and on-demand at PRIMR23—over 150 sessions!

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A Conference for Your Career

Strengthen your understanding of changing regulations in biomedical research by attending 2023 PRIM&R Annual Conference and the 2023 Social, Behavioral, Educational, Research Conference(SBER23). PRIMR23/SBER23 includes sessions to help you in your day-to-day work while thinking holistically about the research continuum. 

During these conferences you can:

  • Expand your knowledge of the ethical issues and regulations governing human subjects and nonhuman animal research.
  • Learn best practices for ensuring subjects protections. 
  • Gain insights for advancing equity and justice in research.
  • Connect with peers, regulators, and other research stakeholders to exchange ideas and solutions.
Agenda Topics:

Agenda Topics:


PRIMR23 spans three days and is designed to create a conference experience that best meets your needs as a lawyer practicing in biomedical and scientific research. 

Maximize your time and professional development funds by attending an in-depth PRIMR23 Workshop. Attend SBER23, a one-day conference for those working in social, behavioral, and educational research.

Participate in networking opportunities with policy regulators from across government agencies. Those attending in-person will have access to any content streamed live/captured for on-demand access. A virtual option is available for those who cannot attend in person.

As the world evolves and modernizes, PRIM&R seeks to create a space to think holistically about the research enterprise. At PRIMR23 and SBER23, endeavor with us to achieve a shared vision of advancing ethical, responsible, and high-quality research.