Membership Renewal Policy

Beginning on January 1st, 2024, PRIM&R is no longer offering 2- and 3-year subscription plans for individual memberships. Additionally, you will now only be able to renew within 30 days of your membership term’s end date. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes. Please reach out to membership@primr.org with any further questions.


Cancellation and Registration Transferal Policies

In-Person Program/Event Registration Cancellation Policy

For in-person programs and events, registration cancellations must be made by completing and returning the cancellation form no later than 30 days before the program. Refunds for cancellations received within this timeframe, minus a processing fee ($75 for PRIM&R members; $100 for nonmembers) will be issued. Refunds will be processed within 60 days of the conclusion of the program/event. No refunds will be issued for cancellations received less than 30 days before the start date for a program. In the case of extenuating circumstances such as accident or illness occurring less than 30 days before the event, an attendee may reach out to PRIM&R to inquire about a refund (minus the processing fee; proof of extenuating circumstance will be required). Registrants who do not attend an event and who do not contact PRIM&R in writing to cancel their participation at least 30 days prior to the event start date are responsible in full for their fees. Refunds will not be issued for PRIM&R membership dues.

Registration cancellations must be faxed or emailed to PRIM&R, Attn: Registration. Once your cancellation is complete, a confirmation email will be sent from PRIM&R. Please keep this email for your records.

Download the Registration Cancellation Form

Virtual Program/Event Cancellation Policy

PRIM&R does not accept registration cancellations for any virtual programs where recordings of the program/event will be available after the live broadcast. If a registrant cannot participate live, they are encouraged to view the recording of that event or submit a transferal request (see below). If PRIM&R hosts a virtual event where recordings will not be made available, the In-Person Cancellation Policy applies (see above).

In-person and Virtual Program/Event Registration Transferal Policy

Registrants may transfer their registration to another person at their institution by completing and returning the registration transferal form along with a completed registration form for the person who will be taking their place. With the exception of webinars, transfers are subject to a processing fee ($75 for PRIM&R members; $100 for nonmembers). Transfers must be faxed or emailed to PRIM&R, Attn: Registration before the start date for the program. Once your registration transferal is complete, a confirmation email will be sent from PRIM&R. Please keep this email for your records.

Download the Registration Transferal Form

Payment Policies

  • Payment is due upon receipt. If a registrant does not submit a cancellation or substitution per the policies above, they are responsible for full program/event fees regardless of whether they attend the program/event.
  • PRIM&R freezes accounts with outstanding invoices more than 120 days past due. Registrants with frozen accounts will not be able to register for another PRIM&R program until the outstanding invoice is paid.
  • Wire transactions and ACH payments (preferred method) are accepted. In order to be properly credited when your institution is making a payment via wire or ACH payment, please include the invoice number and the name(s) of the registrant(s) for whom the wire or ACH transfer is payment.
  • Checks are an accepted method of payment whether registration is done online or using the PDF registration form.  Your check and registration form must be received at our payment address by the first day of the program for your registration to be processed.

PRIM&R’s payment address and fax number can be found on our contact page. Payment inquiries may be directed to 617.423.4112, ext. 0.  Note: Please be sure to send payments to our P.O. Box (our payment address); our office is currently closed.

Audio and Video Recording Policy

Many PRIM&R programs and activities conducted both in-person and virtually are recorded for future use. When you participate in a PRIM&R program, please be aware that content and attendee interactions may be recorded and disseminated. During virtual programs that are being recorded, participants’ names, comments, and images may be captured in the program recording, and PRIM&R may use the recording as an educational resource or product.

Effective January 1, 2021, access to program recordings, if available, will be for 90 days. After 90 days, individuals can purchase an additional 90 days of access if they desire. Individuals will retain access to their certificate of attendance (COA) indefinitely. PRIM&R members receive free access to recordings one year after the program date(s). This policy does not apply to sessions that don’t have recordings, EROC/AROC subscriptions, or to programs that have unique policies.

Principles and Expectations

The objective of PRIM&R’s educational programs and conferences is to provide a safe and respectful environment for attendees to increase their knowledge and understanding of ethical and regulatory requirements, learn best practices, grapple with both late-breaking and longstanding challenges, and confer with peers and experts in the research ethics field in a constructive way.

PRIM&R is committed to being an impartial convener within the research ethics field which encompasses people with a range of differing opinions. PRIM&R values freedom of expression, constructive and respectful dialogue, and spirited discussion, as they are essential to finding common ground and advancing the goal of responsible, ethical conduct of research with animals and human subjects.

Appropriate Behavior

By registering for a PRIM&R conference or educational program (in person or online), you agree to refrain from conduct that is disruptive or destructive in the ways outlined below. In addition, all participants attending an educational program or conference are subject to the laws applicable in the state of the event.

PRIM&R will not tolerate the disruption of educational programming or conference sessions that results in:

  • The inability for the learning objectives of those programs and sessions to be met.
  • The inability for dialogue, discussion, debate, learning, and/or networking to take place.
  • Harassment, badgering, or verbal threats.
  • The use or threat of physical force by any individual or group of individuals against another. 
  • Destruction of property.

Violation of These Principles and Expectations

PRIM&R reserves the right to deny access to participants who do not adhere to these principles and expectations. Individuals asked to leave the event, will not receive a refund, and may be prevented from registering for future PRIM&R events.

Group Discount Policy for Live Webinars

Beginning with the October 2021 webinar, discounts are available for groups of various sizes from a single location!
• Buy 4 get 1 free
• Buy 12 get 6 free

For groups of 40 or more, please contact onlinelearning@primr.org to discuss special discount options.

To receive complimentary registrations, first register the paid registrants (e.g. if you’re using the buy 4 get 1 free discount, register the 4 paid individuals first) and then email onlinelearning@primr.org with a list of those paid individuals, as well as the name(s) of those to receive complimentary registration.

Group discount requests must be received at least 24 hours before the event broadcast begins. Refunds or retroactive discounts are not available.

Unforeseen Events Policy

For in-person programs, in the event of a natural disaster, severe weather, communicable disease outbreak or epidemic, or another similarly serious occurrence, PRIM&R’s first commitment is to the safety of our registrants. In such a case, PRIM&R reserves the right to postpone or cancel a conference or educational program.

Similarly, if a PRIM&R virtual event is disrupted or cannot be conducted due to causes beyond PRIM&R’s reasonable control (e.g., transmission interruption caused by software, internet, hosting, or platform issues; natural disasters; strikes or labor disputes;  government restriction; or other comparable occurrence) PRIM&R reserves the right to postpone or cancel the virtual event.

Rather than cancel outright, PRIM&R will always try to reschedule the event in question. Should an event need to be rescheduled, registrant fees will be applied to the rescheduled event. Should an event be cancelled, registration fees will be credited towards a PRIM&R membership, or any conference, educational program, or workshop offered by PRIM&R within 12 months of the date of the cancelled event. Credits not used within 12 months from the date of issue will expire.

Please note these policies are subject to change. Changes will be posted on our website.

Copyright Policy

All content from PRIM&R programs/events is the property of either PRIM&R or the presenter(s) and is protected by United States and international copyright laws. Certain materials are used by permission of their respective owners. Course content may not be reproduced, transmitted, or shared in any way without the prior written permission of PRIM&R and/or the presenter(s).

Access to presentations and materials should not be construed as a license or right under any copyright, patent, trademark, or other proprietary interest of PRIM&R or third parties.

Media Policy

Qualified media representatives are eligible to attend PRIM&R's events/programs (both virtually and in-person) at no charge. If attending an in-person event, media members are responsible for all costs related to travel and accommodations, and a name badge identifying the attendee as a member of the media must be worn at all times.

Media members may ask follow-up questions after the presentations provided they clearly state their name and the entity they represent before asking questions.

Unless otherwise noted, all sessions are open to the media. Recording of video is prohibited during in-person events; photography or audio recording of speakers or participants without permission is prohibited. PRIM&R retains the right to restrict access to portions of live or online programs and will communicate this to members of the media and attendees.

Supporters and Exhibitors

At times, PRIM&R’s programs/events include supporters and exhibitors—vendors who share information about their services and resources with the community. For such events, vendors receive a copy of the registrant list (name, title, institution, postal address only; email addresses are not provided). If you do not want your name included in the registrant list, please opt out during registration.

For in-person events, some vendors purchase lead retrieval devices to obtain more information from attendees (e.g., through scanning name badges). This includes name, title, institution, postal address, and email address. If you do not want to share your information with vendors in this way, please refrain from having your badge scanned.

For virtual events, upon visiting booth pages and/or events sponsored by vendors, attendee information will be shared with those vendors. This includes name, title, institution, postal address, and email address. If you do not want your information shared with vendors in this way, please refrain from clicking on those pages/offerings.

PRIM&R Member Newsletter and Research Ethics Digest

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