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Advertising with PRIM&R

PRIM&R can help you generate leads, engage prospects, and reach your target audience of professionals involved in research, ethics, and oversight. Our advertising/sponsorship opportunities offer direct connections to the individuals in the field who are responsible for making or influencing purchasing decisions related to the products and services you offer. We have multiple options at varying price points, as well as packages that will optimize your reach across advertising channels.


PRIM&R hosts virtual workshops to meet the needs of a specific community in an in-depth, comprehensive way. Workshops bring together 75-175 attendees and we will seek one, exclusive supporter for each event.

Workshop support typically includes:

  • Acknowledgement on PRIM&R’s event website, event marketing, and communications to attendees
  • A virtual meeting room where attendees can talk with the vendor after sessions (which is promoted during the program and in attendee communications)
  • A highlight email about the supporter sent to attendees before and after the event (this could include information on the company, a request for information button, link to a giveaway, etc.)
  • A copy of the attendee list pre- and post-event for a one-time mailing (postal addresses only)
  • Vendor company logo featured on slides shown at the beginning of each session, and a dedicated slide at the end of each session
  • Two complimentary registrations to both courses for company staff

Contact Catherine Batsford (cbatsford@primr.org) if you have questions or would like to discuss potential sponsorship opportunities.

PRIM&R Annual Conference will bring the entire research oversight community together under one roof and exhibitors will have access to existing and new audiences. We are planning for an in-person event with a virtual option. Vendors will be able to exhibit in person, virtually, or both, and there will be several opportunities for supporting the meeting. Opportunities for exposure will include, but are not limited to:

  • Acknowledgement on PRIM&R’s event website, in communications to attendees, and from the podium
  • In-person Exhibit Hall that includes customizable vendor booths/space
  • Virtual booth spaces that can be upgraded to increase interaction with attendees
  • Advertised time on the agenda to connect with attendees
  • Multiple opportunities to collect lead data
  • Sponsored live, virtual, and on-demand sessions and networking events
  • Support of the poster gallery, branded products, emails to attendees, and more!

    Contact Mariellen Morris (mmorris@primr.org) if you have questions or would like to discuss potential conference support opportunities.

PRIM&R offers advertising space in several of our regular emails (PRIM&R This Week, PRIM&R This Month, the PRIM&R Member Newsletter, and Research Ethics Digest), as well as a limited number of chaperoned emails. PRIM&R’s email list includes HRPP/IRB and IACUC chairs, members, administrators, directors and staff; researchers and research staff; attending veterinarians; compliance personnel; institutional officials and other key decision-makers; federal agency representatives; ethicists; advocates; and more.

Contact Catherine Batsford (cbatsford@primr.org) if you have questions or would like to discuss potential advertising opportunities.

Advertise with PRIM&R

PRIM&R’s new Animal Research Oversight Course (AROC) provides a comprehensive overview of the IACUC’s role and functions in an effective, interactive online format. AROC covers important topics for new or experienced IACUC members, administrators, and other animal care and use personnel.

Support of AROC includes:

  • Acknowledgement on the webpage for the course (color logo, 75-word description, and URL of choice).
  • Text acknowledgment and link to your website in the confirmation email sent to each individual or organization that purchases the course.
  • Acknowledgement in all dedicated AROC marketing
  • Acknowledgement on the course user home page, viewed by all learners who participate in the course (color log logo, 75-word description, and URL of choice).
  • Complimentary institutional subscription to the course for the duration of your support.

For more information and contact Catherine Batsford (cbatsford@primr.org) if you have questions or are interested in supporting AROC.

PRIM&R’s Ethical Research Oversight Course (EROC) is an engaging, interactive online course designed to equip IRB members and HRPP/IRB staff for their roles through demonstration of the ethical principles and regulatory frameworks that govern their day-to-day work. Over the last eight years, over 100 institutions in the United States and abroad have used EROC to train their IRB members. Since September 2018, The EROC webpage received more than 8,600 unique visitors (meaning different IP addresses). Our EROC support opportunity is sold out through 2023.

Contact Catherine Batsford (cbatsford@primr.org) if you have questions or would like to discuss potential sponsorship opportunities.

PRIM&R conducts approximately 12 webinars per year on a wide range of topics relevant to professionals in the human subjects protections and animal care and use fields. We accept one, exclusive supporter per webinar.

Webinar support includes:

  • Acknowledgement on the webinar webpage (color logo, 20-word descriptor, and URL of choice).
  • Text acknowledgment and URL of choice included in the confirmation email sent to each participant after they register for the webinar.
  • Acknowledgement in all webinar marketing.
  • Acknowledgement during the webinar via a slide at the beginning of the presentation that includes a 20-word description and URL of choice, and a verbal thank you at the conclusion of the webinar.
  • Acknowledgement in two pre- and two post-webinar emails sent to all registered attendees with a 20-word description and your URL.
  • A copy of the registrants’ postal addresses within one week after the webinar.
  • Two complimentary webinar registrations.

Contact Catherine Batsford (cbatsford@primr.org) to learn more about support opportunities for this year’s webinars and to sign up to be notified when we schedule new webinars.

PRIM&R offers ad space on our Online Community, which houses PRIM&R’s IRB Forum, SBER Network, and IACUC Channel.

Contact Catherine Batsford (cbatsford@primr.org) if you have questions or would like to discuss potential advertising opportunities.