Introduction to the IRB

Introduction to the IRB (formerly IRB 101)

Introduction to the IRB is a full-day program that will provide attendees with the core concepts and fundamental knowledge needed to succeed as members of a human research protection program (HRPP) and/or an IRB.

Through a series of lectures, discussions, and case studies, attendees will learn:

  • How the federally mandated IRB system developed within the United States
  • Ethical principles underlying the federal regulations governing human subjects research
  • Key components of the regulations that govern IRB operations and research activities
  • Procedures for reviewing research involving human subjects

In the afternoon portion of this program, attendees will divide into small groups for a more focused discussion of two distinct domains of research: social, behavioral, and educational research or biomedical research. When delivered in the PRIM&R On Demand Live Workshops format, participating institutions can customize the program by selecting case studies that address their specific learning objectives and research needs.

This program is ideal for those new to the field, or those interested in solidifying their understanding of the ethics and regulations governing research. It’s appropriate to those in a variety of roles - researchers and research staff, new IRB members and staff, compliance personnel, administrators, and more.

What Past Participants Are Saying

Everyone in the field should take this course at least once a year.

IRB 101sm serves as a reminder of the ethical principles that we have been appointed to exercise and enforce.

This is a complex subject that requires discussion on a regular basis, preferably with an outside expert. Great presentation!

This program was amazing. The program answered many of my questions and provided contact information for additional follow-up.

Very eloquent, concise yet comprehensive treatment. Excellent targeted case. Engaging speaker.