AER18 Session D23: Navigating Uncertainty—Research With Undocumented/Unauthorized Immigrants


Gene Gloeckner, PhD; Professor; Associate Chair SBER/IRB, School of Education, Colorado State University
Elizabeth Jach, MA; Policy and Planning Analyst, Dean's Office, School of Education, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Colleen Kohashi, MA, CIP; IRB Administrator, UC Berkeley

Institutions in states that have a high number of undocumented/unauthorized immigrants often review IRB submissions requesting to enroll this vulnerable population, which lies outside the scope of vulnerable populations named in the code for federal regulations. This didactic session will delve into institutions’ review strategies and best practices (including privacy and confidentiality protections, as well as flexibility in providing protections). Using case studies (e.g., longitudinal studies, studies with unaccompanied minors, undocumented students, etc.), speakers will discuss how IRBs can negotiate protecting these human subjects while supporting the advancement of research in the midst of the current, and uncertain, political climate.