2023 Social, Behavioral, and Educational Research Conference(SBER23)

Planning Committee Call for Members

SBER23 Planning Committee Call for Members

SBER23 Planning Committee Call for Members

PRIM&R is seeking three volunteers* to serve on the SBER23 Planning Committee, which develops content for the SBER Conference (a full day meeting held every other year for SBER professionals), as well as the SBER-related sessions for the 2023 PRIM&R Annual Conference (PRIMR23). SBER23 will take place on December 3.


*Number of slots may vary based on member availability.

Member Responsibilities:

Please review the member job description here, but, in general, members are asked to:

  1. Attend conference calls: Members are required to attend at least 80% of the 90-minute planning calls that take place between mid-February and May. Calls are often weekly, but, at times, members will meet bi-weekly to allow time to complete work offline.
  2. Determine the plenary session topics: Members brainstorm topics for two plenary session slots. The plenary sessions are higher level sessions offering insight on ethical issues related to SBER. Members will determine topics, format, content, and speakers.
  3. Create the breakout and networking sessions for SBER23 and PRIMR23:
    • Committee members will determine thematic tracks to help organize and create sessions.
    • Committee members will work in teams of two to create session content for one to two tracks. Content creation includes reviewing/suggesting ideas, drafting descriptors and objectives, and recommending format and speakers. PRIM&R will supply information to assist with planning (e.g., evaluation data, prior year agendas, Call for Session Proposal ideas, etc.).
    • Committee members will work as a group to finalize content

Member Time Commitment:

  • Approximately 10, 90-miute calls between mid-February and May (members must make 80% of calls)
  • Working offline with team members to review materials, create content, and review content (approximately one hour week—some weeks may require more time vs. others)
  • Serve as a resource to the PRIM&R staff after content is final to consult on content questions and speaker recommendations.  


Criteria for Application, Service Terms, and Benefits:

  • Applicants must be current PRIM&R members and must maintain an active membership status throughout their appointment.
  • Members are asked to serve for one year.
  • Members receive a complimentary registration to SBER23 and PRIMR23.