2022 PRIM&R 

Annual Conference:

For Social, Behavioral and Educational Research(SBER)

Join us virtually December 12 - 15
Workshops December 6, 8

Missed out this year? Save the Date!

Missed out this year? Save the Date!

2023 PRIM&R Annual Conference
2023 SBER Conference
Washington, DC
December 4–6, 2023
Workshops, December 3, 2023

The 2023 Social Behavioral, and Educational Research Conference (SBER23) and PRIMR23 Workshops will be held on December 3, 2023.

Information on the agenda and housing will be available during the spring of 2023. 

Stay on top of trends and build connections

Dive deep into the subjects that matter for the review and management of social, behavioral, and educational research (SBER) at the virtual 2022 PRIM&R Annual Conference (PRIMR22).

 Learn strategies for navigating the unique questions and challenges associated with reviewing SBER, such as:  How does online data collection affect research today? What are the regulatory and ethical principles governing the use of social media in SBER? When does a behavioral study move from expedited review to full board review? And more!

PRIMR22 will bring together professionals from across the research field to think holistically about the research continuum. Learn more about the latest regulatory changes, best practices, research, and technology trends.

PRIMR22 is also a place where you can connect with federal regulators, network with other leaders, and exchange ideas and solutions with professionals across the field.

SBER topics on the agenda include:

  • Social media, deception, and incomplete disclosure
  • Best practices to minimizing risk to participant
  • When to move from expediated review to full board
  • Exercise science research relative to SBER
Convenient virtual format

Convenient virtual format

PRIMR22 Annual Conference includes four days of virtual content December 12 - 15, 2022

Each of the four days will include a mix of sessions geared toward those working in human subjects protections, animal care and use, and beyond at a variety of professional levels (VPs, directors, managers, chairs, administrators, and more).

Using the interactive agenda, build a conference experience that most relates to your day-to-day work or that extends beyond. Attend live sessions or view recordings at your convenience.  Network in sessions and collaborate across the field with fellow leaders and SBER stakeholders.


Sign-up for a Half-Day Workshop

Sign-up for a Half-Day Workshop

Exploring Hot Topics in Social, Behavioral, and Educational Research (SBER)

Thursday, December 8, 2022
 10 AM - 1 PM ET

Examine the issues of concern to HRPPs that review SBER protocols. This workshop will include real-world examples of research protocols. Designed to give the tools to understand and describe concepts related to topics such as online research, the use of social media, deception and incomplete disclosure, and their regulatory or legal basis. Learn how the concepts apply in research studies that your IRB reviews. Evaluate best practices for these concepts and how to minimizing risk to participants in SBER. 


Registration and Fees


PRIMR22 Virtual Meeting Prices (December 12 - 15)
Member rate: $715 
Nonmember rate: $914 
Virtual Half-Day Workshops Price per Workshop (December 6 & 8) 
Member rate: $135 Regular
Nonmember rate: $185 Regular
Government*/Emerging Professional/Student** Flat Rate $665