Unforseen Events

Unforeseen Events Policy

PRIM&R's Commitment to You

In the event of a natural disaster, severe weather, or another similarly serious event, PRIM&R’s first commitment would be to the safety and satisfaction of our members and other conference registrants.

In such a case, PRIM&R reserves the right to postpone or cancel a conference or educational program. We would always try to reschedule the conference in question, rather than cancel outright.

Should a conference need to be rescheduled, registrant fees would be transferred to a subsequent offering. Should a conference be cancelled, instead of being postponed or rescheduled, registration fees would be credited towards any conference, educational program, or workshop offered by PRIM&R within twelve months from the date of the cancelled event. Fees not used within the twelve months from the date of issue would expire.

Please note that this policy is subject to change. Changes will be posted on our website. Thank you.