IACUC Channel

The IACUC Channel promotes networking to help build and strengthen effective animal care and use programs by providing a space for members to exchange ideas about their work, discuss best practices, and work through challenging issues. The IACUC Channel is open to all PRIM&R members involved in animal research.

Participation includes access to the IACUC Channel on the PRIM&R Online Community where members can:

  • Post questions, announcements, and Channel updates on a message board, with the option to post or reply anonymously.
  • Determine what information is visible to others or opt out of being included in the user directory entirely under through privacy settings.
  • Connect with Channel members and others in the PRIM&R community one-on-one through a user directory and direct messaging.
  • Share, store, and utilize various resources and documents in the community library.

Join the IACUC Channel:

PRIM&R Members can join the Channel by clicking “Join Community” on the IACUC Channel homepage on the PRIM&R Online Community.

If you haven’t already accessed the platform, to get started:

  1. Log into the PRIM&R Online Community with your PRIM&R account (the same account you use to register for PRIM&R events or renew your PRIM&R membership).
  2. Agree to the PRIM&R Online Community Terms and Conditions.
  3. Join the IACUC Channel and other available communities of interest to you. 
  4. Adjust your notification, privacy, and other settings in your profile. (Please note: the new platform includes a user directory so you can further connect with your peers. You can decide what information you want to be visible to others or opt out of being included in the directory under your privacy settings.)