Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Satement

PRIM&R seeks to promote diversity and ensure equal opportunity for all persons within its staff, membership, leadership, and programs.

PRIM&R aims to advance good scientific and scholarly research by enhancing understanding of and commitment to the centrality of ethics on the part of all stakeholders in the research enterprise. We consider the diversity of perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences found among those many stakeholders to be an asset to our mission of advancing just and responsible research.

We strive to be aware of how diversity evolves and changes over time, and to encourage and cultivate a climate of awareness, inclusiveness, and respect in everything we do. We value and celebrate any and all differences among our staff and constituents, regardless of factors such as age, country of origin, disability status, ethnicity, gender identity, marital status, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, or veteran status.

Diversity Advisory Group

PRIM&R's Diversity Advisory Group is an advisory body that works to advance PRIM&R's goal of promoting a diverse and inclusive environment, advising the PRIM&R staff on strategies for fostering a membership community where differences can flourish, and works to raise the profile of diversity as an issue that matters to the broader research oversight field.

Since it was created in 2011, the Diversity Advisory Group has helped PRIM&R determine the baseline diversity of our membership by standardizing a consistent set of demographic questions, created and executed diversity sessions at eight annual conferences, promoted our core value of diversity through our blog Ampersand, advised on the organization's diversity statement, expanded our Institutional Capacity Building Scholarship Program to the IACUC conference, and offered their expertise to conference faculty to ensure presentations and case studies adequately address issues of diversity.