CIP Eligibility

The CIP certification program is for individuals whose primary job responsibilities include substantial participation in overseeing, administering, or performing the daily activities of an IRB as part of an HRPP.

Eligible Experience

Relevant HRPP experience requires substantial and ongoing performance within the last seven years of IRB administrative functions or duties relevant to an IRB office within a HRPP, which demonstrates a commitment to human subject protection:

  • Managing Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) policies and procedures
  • Managing pre-review of IRB materials
  • Managing review of IRB materials
  • Managing exempt study review determinations
  • Managing research protocol approval or reliance process
  • Managing regulatory documentation
  • Managing IRB records and databases
  • Facilitating IRB meeting (e.g., ensure quorum, distribute meeting materials)
  • Developing and provide education on IRB regulations and processes
  • Providing consultation on IRB submission
  • Monitoring for changes in federal regulations and guidance
  • Managing review of noncompliance and unanticipated problems
  • Managing IRB meeting minutes

Please note that ‘managing’ encompasses administering, coordinating, executing and overseeing these tasks.  IRB chairs, members and organizational officials who perform these functions may have experience that meets the definition of relevant IRB experience and may be appropriate candidates to sit for the certification examination. Service as an IRB member is not, in and of itself, sufficient to fulfill the requirements for relevant IRB experience.

Merely interacting with an IRB office on an occasional or even routine basis (as is common with sponsor personnel and study-site personnel working in study coordinator, study administrator, or investigator positions) does not meet the requirements for relevant HRPP experience for the CIP certification program. The CIP designation is not intended to be used as a means of qualification for HRPP related employment for applicants who do not have sufficient HRPP related work experience.

Candidates must ensure their CV/resumé provides sufficient detail in demonstrating their relevant experience.

Length of Experience

All individuals must have at least two years of full-time experience (within in the past seven years) in executing the job functions that comprise the eligibility guidelines.

Part-time experience is calculated by the percentage of effort spent on HRPP/IRB administration-related work, based on the following formula:

1 year of experience x 50% effort in HRPP/IRB administration = 6 months of eligible experience

Unsure of Your Eligibility?

Candidates who are unsure of their eligibility may send their CV/resumé and their work verification form to for review by the CIP Council. 

CIP Exam Portal

The CIP Exam is administered by PSI. Visit the CIP portal on their website to download the CIP Handbook and submit your application.

CIP Exam Portal


Questions about exam administration or testing centers may be directed to the testing vendor, PSI.
Phone: 833.518.7455

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