2023-2026 Strategic Plan

Executive Summary

2023-2026 Strategic Plan


While PRIM&R will continue to do what we do bestoffer high-quality education, resources, and professional development opportunities for research oversight professionalsour 2023 Strategic Plan intentionally focuses on areas for growth, expansion, and innovation.

In this time of global upheaval (COVID-19, a national civil rights and social justice movement, the use of digital data for research that outpaces privacy protections, etc.), PRIM&R and the community it serves face significant public mistrust in research, the increasing politicization of research, and substantive changes in processes to conduct and oversee research. In addition, as in other sectors, the research protections workforce and workplace are changing, as are the professional development and educational needs that support them.

PRIM&R sees an opportunity to set a path forward that is nimble and flexible, responsive to the current environment, and build on our current strengths. This path recommits PRIM&R to achieving a vision in which all stakeholders who contribute to and benefit from research share an understanding of and commitment to the centrality of ethics to advance science and medicine, one that expands our reach. 

This plan outlines four strategic goals for the next three years. Across these goals, we place a special emphasis on strategically seeking out and leveraging partnerships with other organizations to enhance our capacity to advance ethical research. Central to this plan is our commitment to cultivate and sustain an environment of consciousness, inclusivity, accessibility, respect, humility and openness to change in all that we do.  

Enhancing the trustworthiness of, and trust in, the research enterprise by identifying, creating, and disseminating to a range of stakeholders information and resources that address the causes of mistrust and promote public understanding and confidence in research.

Expanding PRIM&R’s reach to, and the membership, education, and professional development services we provide for, a wider range of stakeholders who contribute to and benefit from ethical research.

Growing PRIM&R’s role as a thought leader, trusted resource, and influential change agent in the public policy sphere by developing and disseminating materials to inform policymakers and the public and increasing our engagement with PRIM&R’s membership and audience regarding policy issues.

Ensuring PRIM&R has the financial strength to support its strategic priorities by optimizing financial policies and resources and determining funding levels and sources  needed for achieving goals.

Planning for the Future

To achieve our vision and guide our work, PRIM&R established the following Strategic Plan in 2016. 

This plan includes three strategic priorities for impact and one strategic operational priority; these four priorities are framed in terms of outcomes or end states that PRIM&R hopes to achieve. The plan also includes five cross-cutting themes—key considerations that weave through all of our specific goals, activities, and measurable objectives.

strategic plan

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